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Hockey India organizes Hockey India Umpires & Technical Officials Online Workshops 2022

~ Hockey India is once again organising the Hockey India Umpires & Technical Officials Online Workshops 2022 in February and March ~
New Delhi, 28th February 2022: After two sets of successful online workshops conducted between September 2020 to March 2021 as a part of the induction program for the new Umpires and Technical Officials in Hockey India officiating system, Hockey India is once again organising the Hockey India Umpires & Technical Officials Online Workshops 2022 in February and March. After the previous online sessions over the past couple of years, Hockey India has successfully added 126 candidates to the Hockey India’s Potential List of Umpires & Judges.

Hockey India Technical Officials ‘Level 1’ Online Workshops began over the weekend from 26 February, for which 64 candidates, comprising of 25 females and 39 males, nominated and registered through over 24 Hockey India Member Units across India. An introductory session was conducted on 26 February 2022, where all the relevant details and information regarding the Technical Officials Online Workshop 2022 were communicated.

Hockey India Umpires ‘Level 1′ Online Sessions will begin from March 2 for which 85 candidates, comprising of 33 females and 52 males, have registered for the sessions.

Hockey India would provide selected Technical Officials/Umpires an opportunity to receive an Interactive learning/study material to keep them updated with the latest rules/regulations through Hockey India Online workshops, along with an assessment by the highly experienced team of Hockey India registered Technical Delegates/Umpire Managers.

There will be three Levels of sessions for both Technical Officials and Umpires, the Level 1 sessions are designed to provide the candidates basic knowledge of the latest FIH Rules and Regulations of Hockey, Officials’ Roles and Responsibilities, etc. In order to achieve Level 2, a candidate has to pass an Online Test based on the Level 1 sessions attended earlier. Level 3 sessions are based on FIH General Tournament Regulations, FIH guidelines for fitness of Umpires, information on match reports and statistics for technical officials (Judges), HI Grading Guidelines, importance of performance feedback reports and various other operational knowledge. After the completion of the Level 3 workshops, the final assessment of the eligible candidates are made through an Online Viva.

The selected Technical Officials/Umpires would also receive an opportunity to officiate as a Technical Official/Umpires at the Hockey India sanctioned All India Sub Junior & Junior category Tournaments & National Championships, and will get an opportunity to become a Hockey India registered Technical Official/Umpires on the basis of assessment done by the experienced Hockey India registered Technical Delegates/Umpire Managers.

The selected Technical Officials/Umpires will also become eligible to attend FIH Academy and AHF Courses/workshops.

Speaking on the organization of Hockey India Umpires & Technical Officials Online Workshops 2022, Mr. Gyanendro Ningombam, President, Hockey India said, “Hockey India is returning with Online Umpires & Technical Officials Online Workshops once again this year after the fantastic response from the sessions in the past. As many as 126 new candidates became eligible to officiate in Hockey India sanctioned Sub-Junior and Junior category tournaments from 2021. With domestic competition returning to India in 2022 we are hoping to replicate a similar success this year as adding more members to Hockey India officiating system is a matter of importance to us.”

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