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We are trying to instil a winning mentality in the squad, Thomas Denner by tells

It has been five months since the Blue Tigresses have been training under new head coach Thomas Dennerby, and he feels winning mentality is important among the girls.

“We have been on training camps. The most important is to start working not just in sessions, but also in games. A couple of victories can help us get that winning mentality, and make everyone believe that we can do it. Football is, after all, a mental game”, he told to

“We have some players who are playing at a very good level and players with special qualities. It is hard to single one out as all of them are special.”

“This being a team game, it’s not appropriate to specify names at the moment. But some of the girls have been very impressive. I keep on pushing them”, he continued.

With seventeen days left for the AFC Asian Cup India 2022 to get underway in Mumbai and Pune, the Indian Women’s Team Head Coach Thomas Dennerby is trying to inculcate the winning mentality in the squad with the support of the federation.

“AIFF’s support has been exceptional. They are trying to help with everything we ask for. I know we have full support in different areas. Just to give you an example: it is difficult to find teams to arrange games during the pandemic, but we have been travelling. Most importantly, everyone is enjoying their work and we are trying to instill a winning mentality in the squad”, he stated.